How can we be of service?

Our expertise goes beyond supplying top-quality flower bulbs and plants. We are at home in every market around the globe and enjoy sharing our knowledge and insights. We also love to co-conceptualise creatively.

Concept and Design

Our design department works on creative solutions to make the most of your shop floor presentation. From individual packaging to complete shop layouts.

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Just-in-time delivery is crucial with fresh products. Our smart, global logistics network means we deliver reliably, quickly and under the right conditions so we can always guarantee perfect products.

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Image database

A beautiful picture says more than a 1,000 words. And we have plenty of the former. As a customer, you have the option of using our image bank of over 50,000 products and atmospheric images for free.

Product management

Our product manager has first choice when it comes to introducing new varieties from our selected growers. This enables us to always keep our range appealing, innovative and up to date. This helps you to always stay ahead of the market!

Trial gardens

These are the places we get our inspiration and ideas for renewing our range. We do so by analysing quality, testing new varieties and composing original mixes.

Category management

We can compile the optimum range for every shop formula based on or analysis of sales results and by conducting market research. To measure is to know!