We monitor the entire chain from grower to delivery to guarantee you get the perfect product.

Supplying globally to over 40 countries might seem like a logistical challenge, but using today’s technology it is pretty simple. Our smart logistics process focuses on just-in-time delivery. Thanks to constant monitoring, we can track our products around the globe in order to guarantee quality and timely delivery.


Volume or custom batches! You tell us!

We annually process some 600 million flower bulbs and perennials into 50 million pre-packed items. Our processes are perfect for big orders, but we can just as easily provide custom batches in smaller quantities.


Production and distribution location

The beating heart of our organisation is our production and distribution location which has a total surface area of 36,000 m² as well as featuring 12,000 m² of refrigerated storage. As part of our sustainability efforts, our roof is entirely covered in solar panels.

Maximum reliability with ERP

Our ERP system enables us to optimise the production process and ensures maximum logistical reliability. Every pallet that leaves our location is equipped with an radio frequency identification (RFID). This allows us to have full control of our logistics process.

Shipping method distribution

We supply globally to over 40 countries: 72% by road, 27% by ship and 1% by plane.