Everything for the perfect Flower Bulb

Our mission is our passion

Working with nature is the best. Adding value to our partners business, to our sector and, ultimately, the world, gives us our daily drive. Together we strive for perfection from bulb to bloom as well as a colourful future for the coming generations.

Our Methods

We are able to provide consistent top quality, great natural products and smart processes,  thanks to our strong team. To guarantee this we like to go the extra mile to create added value for our clients and we do so in the field of staff development, increased process sustainability as well as the creative development of our products.

“Perfection isn’t something you achieve, it’s a constant.”
–  Lex & Jørgen de Ree


Now and in the future

We have been working on the perfect flower bulb for over a century. We offer the highest quality and the right insights to bring that quality to full bloom thereby improving the process’ sustainability. A perfect bulb guarantees a perfect flower. We can only ply our great trade and pass down the family firm from generation to generation if we respect nature.

Our pillars

We strive for perfection from bulb to bloom, now and in the future. We enjoy doing so in collaboration with you, so the coming generations can also have a colourful future.

Good to each other

Work is more pleasant and better in a nice, healthy environment. Our permanent staff are given room to develop themselves and rise through the ranks.

During the seasonal peaks Royal De Ree Holland solely works with NEN-certified temp agencies. This guarantees our staff are treated and paid in accordance to Dutch regulations.

Future proof

We enjoy being ahead of the game when it comes to product innovation, creativity, quality and sustainability so we can continuously help both our business and our clients’ business develop.

We contemplate the future in other areas too. For instance, we annually sponsor Bulb4Kids which sends bulb packs to primary schools in the Netherlands, England, Germany, France and Sweden.

Caring for nature

Royal De Ree Holland has been entirely carbon neutral since 2020. We generate all our own energy with well over 14,500 solar panels. For our packaging we use FSC-certified raw materials and bio-based foils.

The next step is to catalogue our entire carbon footprint in order to achieve our own sustainability objectives and help our partners in this respect.

Success through collaboration

Creating a win-win situation is what it’s all about. We enjoy helping you make your business successful. We do so using a balanced range, top-quality products and by providing tailor-made advice.

We share our knowledge of both products and markets to support purchasing strategies and to continue to surprise clients with innovative products, creative packaging and the development of sales-ready concepts.

Our certificates