Our products

Flower bulbs, perennials, seeds and more. We have the biggest range on the market. Every year – inspired by the latest trends – we perfect and innovate our products to help you constantly surprise your customers.

Flower bulbs

Our pride and joy

It takes a lot to create the perfect bulb. It’s not just the end result that matters. How you get there is also important. Step by step we do what we can to guarantee quality at every level.

Sustainable top quality

To safeguard this we cooperate closely with our loyal suppliers and quality auditors. We strive to be an example to our sector when it comes to sustainability. For instance, we became an entirely carbon neutral organisation in 2020.

Grow your own

You don’t need a big garden or balcony to grow your own flowers and plants or to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables. Gardening is a fun, inspiring activity and nothing tastes better than vegetables and herbs you have grown yourself.


We offer a wide range of renowned and also more exclusive perennials. These plants are grown outdoors and after a year they are ideal for planting in a 2 or 3-litre pot. All the plants are stored and transported with great care and under the right conditions.


To fully complement your gardening offer we have created fantastic ranges of Seeds all delivered on pre-merchandised metal stands complete with Point of Sale Header Boards. All covering the best selling varieties in Flowers, Vegetables and Herbs.

Rose, shrubs and fruits

Roses are extremely fast retail sellers in the springtime. Our bestselling line comes with a range of roses that are complimented with shrubs and a selection of fruit bushes. We supply pallet deals of fruit trees.

Use our digital service: My De Ree

We have the most extensive range on the market. Our online service My De Ree is the easiest way to view the full range. It provides access to our catalogues as well as to the complete image database which features over 50,000 photos.

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Our labels

We have created a number of labels for our extensive range and the various markets we cater to. Which label suits you best?

De Ree UK label

Our own label was specially developed for the retail market. From discount stores to full-service supermarkets. We have comprehensive pre-packed lines of quality flower bulbs for every segment. From a full budget range to an exclusive premium one.

Private label

A suitable sales concept for your company. We enjoy utilising our expertise to develop the correct positioning, segmentation and range for you. Packaging, POS materials and other support will be custom designed for you.

Simple Pleasures® label

Our Simple Pleasures® programme has been carefully selected with garden centres in mind. This exclusive programme has the latest exceptional varieties, unique packaging design and conspicuous point-of-sale materials.

Landscape label

A range specially composed for landscapers and landscape architects. This line of both popular and exclusive varieties and mixes is ideal for planting parks and public greenery projects.

Perennial label

Alongside flower bulbs, we also specialise in perennials. We have the biggest range in the world and expand it every year with successful new species and varieties. Also ideal for public greenery.

Our markets

As the market leader we know that every market is unique. Successful products and trends vary from country to country and season to season. We are therefore specialised per market. Thanks to market analysis we know exactly which product lines are a proven success in which markets. Which market do you want to make a difference in?