Everything for the perfect Flower Bulb

The best of the Netherlands

With 100 years of experience and knowledge, we are the specialist in the development, packaging and export of flower bulbs and associated products. The perfect bulb is our goal. Sustainably cultivated with respect for nature.

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De Ree UK offers the best from the Netherlands. With a range of over 2,000 varieties, with our own and private labels. Whatever you select, we guarantee top quality from grower to consumer. What are you looking for?

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Every market is unique. And successful products and trends vary from season to season. We are therefore specialised per market. Thanks to market analysis we know exactly which product lines are a proven success in which markets. Feel free to contact us and use our insights for your benefit. We’re happy to support your sales.


More than a flower bulb

Our ambitions go further than just the products. Perfection is only possible if everything is right and the latter is best achieved through smart cooperation. How can we help you move your process forward?

Why De Ree UK?

We aspire to perfection in our production, the production process and logistics, but also in aspects such as sustainability and customer service. We go the extra mile for our products and clients. This makes De Ree UK an ideal partner.

Everything for the perfect flower bulb

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Royal De Ree Holland represents over 100 years of knowledge and experience. We always supply the highest quality products thanks to our passion for flower bulbs. We currently process some 600 million flower bulbs and perennials into 50 million pre-packed items to over 40 countries annually.

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