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We supply top-quality, sustainable products to retailers around the world and keep tabs on market developments. We enjoy sharing our experience, knowledge and valuable market insights to optimise your turnover.

A selection from our program

  • Patio City Garden

    Good news for urban jungle fans. Turn your balcony or rooftop patio into a wonderful garden using this great collection, a little creativity and stylish plant tubs or holders.

  • Bees & Butterflies

    The perfect bulb mix for everyone who wants to give nature a helping hand. Create a colourful spring garden whilst aiding bees and butterflies to find food.

  • Best Friends

    Surprising flower duos that differ in colour and shape, yet constitute a perfect match. Also makes a nice, symbolic present.

  • Indoor gifts

    We closely monitor interior design and lifestyle trends. Our surprising home-décor range means customers will always find a great gift for themselves or someone else.

  • Urban gardening

    This collection capitalises on the popularity of organic, honest plant-based food. What could be tastier than tomatoes, onions and herbs from your own garden?

Tailor made range

Royal De Ree Holland offers a wide retail range of standard basic programmes right the way through to exclusive collections. Every season we add new products to our standard range on the basis of the latest lifestyle, living and gardening trends. In addition to our quality guarantee, sustainability is also central to our methods. Our production process is becoming more sustainable by the day. For example, we only use bio-based packaging these days. This way we can create a greener world together.

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Which range suits your formula best? We love to co-conceptualise.

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Royal De Ree Holland as a partner

Cooperation with Royal De Ree Holland means benefitting from 100 years of experience and international market insights. Utilise our knowledge and allow us to take the weight off you. The main thing our clients appreciate is our deep understanding of their busines. Together we work towards optimal results.

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Highlighted Retail services

We like to co-conceptualise with clients and try to take work off their hands every step of the way. Below we will highlight three of our retail services. If you want to view all the options, please click here.

Concept and Design

Our design department works on creative solutions to make the most of your shop floor presentation. From individual packaging to complete shop layouts.

Product management

Our product manager has first choice when it comes to introducing new varieties from our selected growers. This enables us to always keep our range appealing, innovative and up to date. This helps you to always stay ahead of the market!

Category management

We can compile the optimum range for every shop formula based on or analysis of sales results and by conducting market research. To measure is to know!

Use our digital service: My De Ree

We have the most extensive range on the market. Our online service My De Ree is the easiest way to view the full range. It provides access to our catalogues as well as to the complete image database which features over 50,000 photos.

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Every season we create stylish in-store communication and presentation materials for our product lines. From sustainable, wooden displays to complete walls.

Bees and Butterflies

A product line entirely focused on nature preservation and insects presented in natural materials including stylish wooden displays and recyclable bags and boxes.

Changing Colours

Alongside attractive displays, we also develop complete presentation walls. We can supply all the high-resolution images to this end ourselves.

Patio City Collection

Our eye-catchers on your shop floor give you a ready-made, sales-ready concept. Available in both standard and custom dimensions.